1. Grad Year:  
  2. Last Name (current)::
  3. Last Name (Maiden): 
  4. First Name:
  5. Middle Name or I. :
  6. Spouse's Name:
  7. Form of Address:  
  8. Residence Address:
  9. P.O. Box or Mailing Address:
  10. City:
  11. State:
  12. Zip Code + four:
  13. Home Phone:     
  14. Mobile Phone:  
  15. FAX Number:   
  16. Occupation:
  17. Email Address:
  18. Homepage URL Address:
  19. What group were you involved? i.e., Band, Chorus, etc?
  20. Do you still play an instrument?
  21. Would you like to perform at our Jammin' Luau Cookout on Friday Night? What you have in mind to do? I.e. sing, play guitar, jam with other musicians, etc...
  22. Would you like to help with the Reunion in any way? Door Prize? Decorate? Special Talent? Help is needed.
  23. May we publish contact information in a Reunion Alumni Address Book?
  24. Would you like to tell us about your life and family today? Are there any special comments or memories you would like to share?


whether you attend the 70's Alumni Reunion or not, please add your contact information to the alumni book! you'll never know who has been wanting to 'find you' after all these years! 


"We look forward to seeing you at the Reunion!"